Stone countertop
Stone countertop

Stone is a natural material and, therefore, is so well-liked to finish applications in homes and apartments. The interiors of the increasingly popular form is a granite stone . The most com is generally used for floors or countertops . With stone , you can also do the countertop granite wall , the wall in the living room , beautiful arrangements bathrooms, window sills or stairs . Combination of wood and stone creates a very successful composition . It is a natural and contrasting statement : wood associated with something warm and stone from the cold, elegance and durability. Granite countertop looks good example against the smooth , bright wall , which is slightly covering the same material used gives us an unusual glow.

Granite and marble are non-combustible materials and a long time to heat up , which means that it can be used near gas stoves . This fact gives us the possibility of leaving a hot pot or pan directly on the worktop .
The stone used for building the kitchen has to meet a number of requirements - should be indelible , hard, non-absorbent and resistant to mechanical damage.

Enlisting granite used to list the materials used in the production of granite countertops , you will not find anything as appropriate - its resistance to moisture , temperature changes and the impact of cleaning extracts from a number of products. Requires a minimum of treatments , granite does not even have to be impregnated .