Kitchen handles
Kitchen handles

The appearance of our kitchen to decide the details that give an individual character to any interior . Therefore, as important as the choice of the front, is the selection of kitchen handles . Model adapted to the nature of the kitchen. To choose a modern style straight handle , preferably silver, can be battened , while the kitchens beautifully presented rustic porcelain handles and knobs with floral motifs , antiqued , suitable pastoral character of the interior of the kitchen. Holders may not be visible , as well as we can strongly emphasize . And so , because of the attachment, there are two main groups of handles : handles mounted on the front rails and handles . The first group consists of brackets that are screwed to the front.

They include both brackets :
- Ically (usually mounted on one screw , both in the kitchen classic and modern ) ;
- Typical kitchen handles (mounting screws on two different spacings , all kitchen) ;
- Railing ( simple in form handles, can be matched to the size of the cabinet , used
  mainly in modern kitchens ) ;
- Exclusive handles ( made ​​to order , unique, can be your own design , with the addition of amber gemstones , Swarovski crystals , etc. )

Handles Lath , in turn, are more discreet , are the perfect finishing touch to modern cuisine , tailored to any size front. If you do not want the handles to be visible , we can use other solutions - handle- . To the front of the inside mount- CLIK or TIP ON, front open by pressing lightly on him. Other handle- solution fronts includes mounting recesses in the form of milled edges. Well aware that furniture handles are not only important decorative elements . They must also fully comply with its basic function , so you should choose a model that will efficiently and easily open kitchen fronts . Kitchen Handles must also be extremely robust and durable , as often in the drawers holds a lot, sometimes heavy products , and cabinets are often exploited. Selecting only high quality products ensures trouble-free and long-term use .