Kitchen in practice
Kitchen in practice

The kitchen must check in daily use . Therefore, should be primarily functional and tailored to the needs of its users. How, then, to decorate a kitchen that was not only pretty, but also comfortable ? Correct , consistent with the principle of the technological layout of the kitchen is to the right distribution equipment and providing between them sufficiently long section of the countertop . Learning saying appliances in the kitchen , ie refrigerator, countertop , sink , hob is a technological sequence whose elements have different functions : pre-treatment ( the part between the refrigerator and sink ) , cleaning and washing (sink ) , finishing clean (sink - stove ) , cooking ( stove ) and finishing dishes ( near the top of the oven ) . These are the most important area in the kitchen , which is why they design a good while furnishing . The principle of these zones is not a far-fetched theory - a principle clarified by the Polish Standard , which is used by designers .

Correct, consistent with the principle of the technological, planning the kitchen is to the right distribution facilities and to provide between them a reasonably long stretch of countertop . How to decorate a kitchen countertop and how to plan development ? Worktop in the kitchen can take the shape of the letter L , U, and sometimes even G. is easiest when all zones are linked by the counter. But it can also be a convenient kitchen with two parallel countertops or island. It is important that between the refrigerator and sink and sink and the stove was a plane to work and withdrawal of vessels and dishes, and equipment were not too distant from each other.

In smaller kitchens, the most popular is to connect all the zones continuous worktop . When planning the layout of the kitchen you can use the principles of the working triangle , which says that an ergonomic and comfortable for the user to set the basic kitchen appliances ( sink , refrigerator and microwave ) at the vertices of a triangle drawn on the plan of the room. The total length of the shoulder should not exceed 7 m